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Through the years, I've been fortunate enough to have my work included in many publications. A sample of my published work can be found below. (More available by private request)

Magazines, Journals, Web Publications include:

American Racehorse

Gallop Magazine

Independent Music Awards

Postcards Magazine

Texas Farm and Home

Texas Co-op Power

Texas Live

Texas Music Magazine 



Articles* (Click on the title to read)


The Magic of Double Tuff —

"American Racehorse"

A Father's Love Defies the Odds —

"Gallop Magazine"

You Ask What I Like About Texas ...

And Gary P Nunn —

"Horseback Magazine"




Texas Treasures- "Postcards Magazine



Kevin and Clint Black's Fight Against Rett — Texas Children's Hospital Newsletter

Excavating Forgotten History— “Texas Co-op Power Magazine”

Tugging on the Heartstrings — "Texas Co-op Power Magazine"

One for the Books — "Texas Co-op Power"

The Big Picture — "Texas Co-op Power"

Peephole into the Past — "Texas Co-op Power"

“Former German POW at Home in Texas” — “Texas Co-op Power Magazine”

Paula Nelson Reveals the Man Behind the Legend: Willie Nelson — "Texas Farm and Home"


​Hands Above the Rest: Craig Campobella — "Texas Farm and Home"


John Beland: A Truly Amazing Life — "Texas Farm and Home"

"Immortalizing Our Fallen Heroes" — "Texas Farm and Home"

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